Our Products

1. Do you use clipart in any of your products?

Nope - everything is hand drawn by me and 100% exclusive to Busy Lizzie Plans.

2. The item I want is sold out - how often are re-stocks?

Send me a message through the chat feature or through Facebook or Instagram with the item you're looking for. Most of the items in the shop are completely prepared in-house and can easily be re-stocked right away.
Some products require additional suppliers (sticker albums, washi tape, etc.) and re-stocks may either not be possible or take some time.

3. What kind of sticker paper do you use?

Bright white permanent matte.

4. What kind of cardstock do you use?

65lb. bright white

5. How do I apply my vinyl?

Vinyl decals can be applied to most smooth flat surfaces. For best results, clean the surface and dry it. Peel the clear tape from the backing and the decal should come along with it. Place the decal in the location you want it and peel the tape back. The decal will stay on the surface.

6. Are the vinyl decals waterproof? Dishwasher safe? Microwave safe?

The decals are waterproof and will easily survive a wash in warm soapy water. There are no guarantees your vinyl decal will be in tact after the dishwasher or microwave.



1. Where do you ship from?

Lizzie and I ship from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

2. What countries do you ship to?

We ship to Canada, the United States, many European countries, Australia & New Zealand and more! Please contact us if you want to know the status of mail to your country.

3. How are your orders packaged for shipping?

Orders are packaged inside a little plastic bag to protect them from getting wet. We are in the process of switching to eco-friendly compostable cello bags.
A cardstock insert is wrapped around the plastic cover to keep everything straight and flat.
And its all packed inside a custom-designed envelope!
Larger orders containing albums, sticker books or washi may be packaged inside a recyclable eco-mailer.

4. How long will my order take?

Currently it takes me up to 3 weeks to prepare orders (and sometimes I'm faster!). 
Once your order is dropped in the mail you will receive a shipping notification. Canada Post is not guaranteeing delivery times during the pandemic but to give you an idea:
    • Within Saskatchewan: 1-2 business days
    • Within Canada: 7-14 business days
    • To the USA: 14-40 business days
    • International: 30-90 business days

5. Is shipping tracked?

Tracked shipping from Canada Post is prohibitively expensive. If you would like a quote, please contact me with your postal code or zip code.

6. I forgot something! If I make another order, can you combine the shipping for me so I don't pay for it twice?

You bet! If your first order hasn't shipped, I can combine another order with it so you can save on shipping. 
Please include a reminder on your second order in the notes to seller. Your shipping costs will be refunded afterward.
Note: This is only applicable for orders that haven't shipped. Both orders must be for the same mailing address to qualify.



1. Do you offer discounts for large orders?

No, currently there are no plans to offer bulk ordering. 

2. Do you ever have sales?

Yes! I host sales a couple of times a year. Follow Busy Lizzie Plans on Instagram or join our Facebook group for sale announcements.

3. Do you have promo codes?

If you join our Facebook group, there is a discount code for members. Join here!

4. What is this reward card about?

Every order contains both a reward card and a mini sampler sheet of stickers. The sampler sheet has a reward sticker (its Lizzie's face) that you can add to your reward card. 

Once you've collected 5 Lizzie faces, write the date on your card and upload a photo here.

I'll make a special discount code just for you that will give you $10CAD off your next order.